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Writing code started has a hobby over the years it turned into something more. I really enjoy waking up every morning and learning something new.
  About 5 years ago I was given a problem and solved it by building a database and have been hooked ever since. I am always trying to improve my skills by learning and tinkering with new tech. I am a tenacious developer that is not confined to a specific stack or language.
Currently I am learning react and decided my first project would be a resume site built with react. I decided to use gatsbyjs which is a modern framework that has react, graphql and many other tools included. I also like how I can install plugins to help with SEO, but most importantly I can focus on writting code.
I have experience with Javascript, NodeJS, React, Java, Swift, Mobile Development.




Hospital Coordinator at DAV
(6 months)

Help Disabled Veterans get to their medical appointments


iOS developer at Quarkworks
(10 months)

Hello Network - fixed bugs and added new features


Student Researcher at University of Missouri
(2 yrs)

Built testing environments that allowed the tweaking of Next Generation Firewall style tools to support open source contributors, editors, private citizens and developers when building anti-censorship projects

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